We Use Solar Installers You Can Trust  |  Satisfaction Guaranteed  |  Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm | 800-936-6817

Solar Installers You Can Trust  |  Satisfaction Guaranteed  |  Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm | 800-936-6817

Clean Energy for

a Better Tomorrow

Why Choose Omega?

Solar energy has become more and more popular because it’s a great way to reduce or eliminate your electric bill and a clean way to power your home. Omega Solar Energy will design a system that will give you optimal solar output so that you can produce your own clean, efficient solar power. Integrity is what sets us apart from other companies. We’re professional, reliable, we know all about solar energy, and we’re ready to help you save.

Skillfull Employees

Mark Johnson, Jerry Gibson, and Chase Gibson have surrounded themselves with highly skilled and knowledgeable experts with a combined experience of over 40 years in the solar industry.

Committed to Integrity

We always do the job right and keep you updated on every step of your solar project with the state of the art Omega Solar App, which can be downloaded on Apple or Android.  This keeps you informed in real time on the progress of your installation, giving you the best customer experience in the industry.

Professional Work

We will connect you to a solar installer, repairer, or maintenance specialist you can trust. Omega Solar Energy will provide you our experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Reliable Service

We’re always there for you, making sure everything is done in the proper, most efficient way possible. We make sure you’re getting the most out of your solar system and paying the least amount possible.

Energy Costs Out of Control?

Let’s See If You Can Qualify for the New 2022 Arkansas Solar Program.

Arkansas is a great state to invest in solar. Aside from the federal solar investment tax credit, Arkansas has net metering and a great program to check out.

If you’d like to qualify for the program:

  • Your home type needs to be a single-family home.
  • If so, we will use satellite imagery to determine if your roof will be good for solar.
  • Lastly, we will need you to provide your contact information.

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Common Misconceptions

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to solar energy. The truth is that solar panels are efficient, they are good for the environment, and they don’t require much maintenance. And yes, solar power does work when it’s cold and when it’s cloudy. You may have heard people who aren’t in the know talking about solar power, and you may have questions about some of the things you’ve heard them say. Omega Solar Energy would like to clear up some of these misconceptions and make sure that you haven’t been led astray by any misinformation.

Service Area

Not sure if you’re in our service area?

Omega Solar Energy’s service area is quite large. Although our headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas, we currently serve Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. If you are anywhere in any of these states, give us a call and see if installing solar power in your home or business is right for you.

Join Our Team

Take your career to the next level with Omega Solar Energy. When you join the Omega Solar Energy team, you join a close-knit family who encourages and supports each other. We always treat our employees with respect and professionalism. You’d be moving into a career that helps people and helps the environment at the same time. Find out how to join us in sales, marketing, design, support, or any of our other opportunities.

Download Our App

The Omega Solar Energy app is a free app available to download now. The app allows you to communicate with us, to monitor how your home appliances and electronics are performing, and to refer friends who are thinking about making the switch to solar. While your system is being installed, you can keep track of the project and learn about each stage along the way.

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We would love to make Omega Solar Energy your solar energy company. Let us help you get set up with the perfect system for your home or business. Call us today for a no obligation solar analysis.